Communication behavior I would like to model after

When I think about competent communication within the education setting, I think about my instructor Cheryl Gulley.  Throughout the course of earning my first degree, this lady was such an inspiration and a great support.  There was not one time I ever felt uncomfortable or misunderstood with her. I saw the way she communicated with other students, and each time I sensed great compassion and outstanding leadership skills. This is particularly important to me because in my school, I was one of the few black students, many times among other students in different departments I felt rather uneasy. I felt like I was being stared at and that they were not used to associating with colored people.  My instructor was the chair of my department and she was exemplary in the way she gave each student counsel and also in the way she communicated with other staff members. I would like to model here communication behavior for these reasons.