Communicating and Collaborating in the Early Childhood Field

The question for this exercise was: –

As you have been learning, communication is not always straightforward. Everyone, at some time or another, makes assumptions based on messages communicated through body language and facial expressions.

For this assignment, again consider what you have been learning about communication skills and styles. Then record an episode of a television show you do not normally watch. Watch the show with the sound turned off.

  • What do you think the characters’ relationships are based on the ways in which they are communicating?
  • What are they feeling and expressing based on the nonverbal behavior you are observing?

Now, watch the show with the sound turned on.

  • What assumptions did you make about the characters and plot based on the ways in which you interpreted the communication you observed?
  • Would your assumptions have been more correct if you had been watching a show you know well?

Write about your experience in your blog, including what you learned about communication from this experience and insights or “aha” moments you believe would be helpful to your colleagues.

(Adapted from O’Hair & Wiemann, 2015, p. 118)

 I watched a show that I have never watched titled “Best Friends” and based on the ways in which they were communicating, I think 3 of the characters are best friends and one is a daughter of one of the 3 friends. Based on the nonverbal behavior I observed, A has a birthday and an admirer wanted to celebrate it with her. A had a flashback of something that had happened between her and her boyfriend which did not end up well. When her admirer comes to A’s house to celebrate her birthday, her boyfriend comes with him.  She was not expecting to see him.  A’s friend, O, is now talking to A’s boyfriend, since there seems to be nothing going on between A and her boyfriend anymore. The third friend, S, seems to be displeased with O about taking interest in A’s boyfriend.  O seems to be indifferent about it because she thinks A has ended the relationship with her boyfriend. A expresses that she still has interest in her boyfriend.  O acts indifferent but seems to be thinking about what A said.  O discontinues her relationship with her friend’s boyfriend because she doesn’t want to hurt her.

I watched the show with the sound on and I found out that I was not too far off about the relationships and the characters’ feelings.  One of the assumptions I made which wasn’t accurate was that, the person I thought was a daughter was actually a friend.  The other assumption was that the person I thought was an admirer was a person that A invited to be her date because she did not want to spend her birthday alone.  Based on their communication without sound, I was able to get a good sense of what was going on.

If this was a show I had been used to watching, I probably would have been almost 100 percent accurate.  I must have been thinking about the appearance of some of the people rather than the  nonverbal communication between them.

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