The Personal Side of Bias, Prejudice, and Oppression

My aspirations with regard to diversity, equity and social justice is to see every child and family receive the best quality of education regardless of their race, beliefs, culture or ethnicity, economics, ability or whatever else that society picks on to differentiate people with.  I have received great support from my colleagues, each week they have posted their views on what they understood about diversity, equity and social justice and these views have provoked thoughts about different approaches to the subject.  Their comments and questions have also helped me to do further research about some topics and expanded my knowledge in this field. This course has helped me to look inward to see what beliefs I have and weigh them to see if they are valuable to serve children and their families.  It has also given me many things to reflect a model to build from.   I would say that these eight weeks have been an enjoyable and enriching experience and I will never be the same after learning all I have learned so far. I am excited about the road ahead of me and I feel better equipped for the adventure.  I wish all my colleagues the very best as you open up your minds for greater insight on how to best serve in early childhood education.

 I aspire to make sure that the staff in my work environment receive training periodically to ensure that we are all refreshed about why we are working with children and their families.  In these trainings we would be refreshed about the importance about learning about the cultures of families and how to make them feel most welcome in the school environment.  We would also include periodical classes for our children learning about other cultures.  The children would take active part in these classes.  I am currently a member of some organizations that promote  good results in diversity, equity and social justice but I would like to get more involved so I can meet people doing the work, I believe that connection with like minded people would help to make the vision clearer and inspire me to know how to add value to the existing work.  I now understand that this is an ongoing work with the voices and input of a whole team of people all adding value to the vision and thereby bringing a tangible change to the quality of education for all children.

I would like to say thank you to Dr. Nagel and all my dear colleagues for making this learning experience an enhancing and memorable one.