When I Think of Research

SIMULATION:- Does involving parents and communities of children from less privileged economic backgrounds increase their chances of receiving higher quality education?

I believe my simulation is important to the field of early childhood. My simulation question covers a topic many low-income families could benefit from. Usually, the children who benefit from high quality education programs, are those whose parents can afford it. These parents can put their children in early preschool programs which give them a head start and solid foundation to better equip them for further education.  On this they can progressively build on.  

From research, conclusions have been drawn that these preschool and extracurricular programs put young children at a great advantage and make them well prepared in for a successful future. These include government funded programs such as Head start, early Head start, and other preschool programs. There are also childcare programs, public early childhood education programs and health and well-being programs. In addition to these, ongoing research is conducted to better the quality of childhood education (Laureate media, n. d).

However, these programs are yet to be discovered by parents of low-income families who could really benefit from them.  In my simulation, my goal is to find ways in which these families would be educated about these programs and how they can be made to feel more comfortable to enroll their children in these programs 

My perception on gathering information for research has changed, I have learned that not all information is valuable information. It is important to carefully select the kind of sources we retrieve information from.  Available information must be retrieved from reliable sources such as scholarly articles, journals from research databases and like sources.


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