Reflection on resources

NAEYC is one of the websites which adds to my understanding of equity and excellence in early childcare and education.   I was led to a link which talks about advancing equity in early childhood education and it had several links such as NAEYC’s purpose, recommendation for public policymakers, recommendation for everyone, early childhood educators and so on. I was interested in many of the topics but the one which drew my attention first was the recommendation for administrators of schools, center, family, childcare homes and other childhood care settings. I chose this because I would like to learn more on how administrators can implement equity in childcare settings and schools.

UNICEF is another resource I found very useful, I checked this organization out to learn about what was being done about poverty in the world.  UNICEF covers many countries globally. From their website, I learned that in Ethiopia, Africa, due to increase in unemployment, loss of income of families and high inflation rates, families are left with minimal income to meet the basic needs of their children exacerbating the situation of the most deprived families and pushing children into child labor. 

UNICEF also helped me to understand issues on  multidimensional poverty which encompasses the various deprivations experienced by poor people in their daily lives – such as poor health, lack of education, inadequate living standards, disempowerment, poor quality of work, the threat of violence, and living in areas that are environmentally hazardous, among others (0PHI, n.d).

 I also explored the website (, where I gained some insights. One of these is on a science driven early childhood movement in Brazil.  CPAPI – Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisa Aplicada à Primeira Infância (or Brazilian Center for Early Child Development) aims to promote integral child development through scientific research at the frontier of knowledge to help formulate public policies based on scientific evidence for children. 

From the above-mentioned websites there is a wealth of information available on matters related to early childhood development which could be useful for the field.  I also gained good information from my colleagues while reading their blogs. I have gained helpful insights from my colleagues by reading what they post, many times this has sparked new ideas in me or reminded me about something I had read somewhere. I would say reading my colleagues posts has also helped me to see things in a new perspective and if they hadn’t shared their views I probably wouldn’t have had the privilege of seeing another perspective on the topic. 


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