Expanding Horizons and Expanding Resources

I found global trust for children intriguing because this is an organization that helps children in not just one but in different parts of the world. Global Fund for Children partners with community-based organizations around the world to help children and youth reach their full potential and advance their rights(GFC, n.d).  I like this organization because they partner with people who serve young people and find out what their focus is and help them with those goals.  Their combines flexible funding with capacity development services which helps their partners affect change in young people’s lives. 

They have a  Global Ambassadors’ Circle, which is a growing group of people of influence with a passion for advancing GFC’s mission to partner with local organizations that help children and youth reach their full potential and advance their rights (GFC, n.d).

The Ambassadors actively promote GFC and its partners in their individual communities globally,  and provide invaluable technical and professional advice.  They have 20 years if experience in finding high-potential organizations and leveraging their investments and networks to build successful engines of social change (GFC, n.d).

I decided to explore their work with India and Kenya. They work with street children and they rescue children who might be in danger to child trafficking, child brides, hunger, illiteracy and so many other dangers they may be exposed to.  I think this is a very honorable quest and I am eager to see results of how children were saved from difficult circumstances.


The Global Fund for Children: An organization which provides capital to communities worldwide to improve the lives of children. http://www.globalfundforchildren.org/